Jamu Mak Dara is an herbal product which is the combination of century heritage and science technology from the secrets of the natural rainforest. The innovative medicinal herbal ingredients provide inner and outer well being other than improving the immune system for the body. We believe dietary supplement is vital for high-quality health and for enjoying perfect protracted enhanced living. Jamu Mak Dara is not a short term supplement; it is created to give the paramount effect when it is used gradually and consistently as recommended.  

This herbal supplement should be taken 2 capsules twice daily before meals in the morning and in the evening.

It is advised to be taken with low fat diet and consume less liquid form food like soup and stew. Sufficient sleep is a must, and high carbohydrate diet should be avoided. Eat more of vegetables and fruits.

The advantage of Jamu Mak Dara product is to dispose of the toxins in the system, re-fertile the uterus, to lessen discharge problems and to tighten the vaginal muscles. It also helps to increase libido, gives more energy to the body and helps the body to be more active. In addition it also improves the menstruation cycle, and expels wind. Apart from that it helps to reduce body and vagina odor, also to relieve body ache especially at the waistline. Not only has that, it helped the body to maintain general good health and youthful look.
One of the goodness of Jamu Mak Dara (powder form) is that it is specifically for women after childbirth. It helps mothers to maintain heat in the body, increase milk production for the infant, tighten loose vaginal muscles and restores lost energy after giving birth, not only that, it helps women to recover from their inner health problems and maintain good wellbeing.

Menstruation cycle
Jamu Mak Dara also helps to balance the production of Prostaglan
also helps to maintain pH balance of vagina and reduces the risk of infections. Also, Jamu Mak Dara helps to reduce vaginal discharge known as Leucorrhea and Trichomoniasis which causes dryness, itch and discomfort for women.

35% from 40-50 million women around the world is reported to suffer from sexual dysfunction or low libido. This is caused by stress, after childbirth, breastfeeding, pre-menopausal, medicinal effect, weight gain, hormone imbalance and physical response i.e. pain during intimacy or inability to reach orgasm. Jamu Mak Dara Herbal supplement helps to boost women’s sexual stimulation and balanced the hormone content which promotes higher sexual level.

Abdominal pain
Pain at the abdomen section can be caused by appendices and kidney problems. The symptoms include muscle cramps, abdomen discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting and heat in the stomach and esophagus.

Lack of stamina
Each of us dreams of an active and joyful life, however obligation and hectic lifestyle at home and office causes fatigue and exhaustion. Lack of sleep usually causes weariness and lead to depression, low physical energy and other tribulations. This herbal supplement helps to regain lost energy for whole-day usage.

Muscle strain and Joint pain
Arthritis is refined to more than 100 pains which involve instability of the joint-muscle that causes pain, swell and strain. Constant consumption of Jamu Mak Dara can help to decrease pain and muscle stiffness effectively.

Body odour
Body odor is not an endless problem. Jamu Mak Dara helps to control the bacteria which causes body odor. And what is more important it helps to regenerate energy especially after child birth. The repair agent helps to re-fertile the sexual organs naturally so that it stays healthy.

Other than that, Jamu Mak Dara helps to steer clear of constipation and urine infection. Constant consumption helps to shrink facial pores, refresh facial skin and reduce wrinkles. Perfect digestion system helps to eliminate toxins and excess fat which lead to weight lost.
Jamu Mak Dara (powder form) also helps to reduce asthma that is why we choose the best herbs and it is proven so.

*This Jamu is also available in capsule form at the introductory price of RM45 per bottle of 60 capsules for 2 weeks use. And Jamu powder form is available at RM60 per box for 1 month usage.
Apart from that, there is a special product which can be used by men who have insomnia or in urge to quit smoking.

Mak Dara has its own nutrients that we believe will help the body to become healthy and maintain its youthful beauty. The product is Jamu Pria specially formulated for men and its introductory price is RM45 per bottle of 60 capsules for 2 weeks usage.